FOCUS is an initiative by a group of music enthusiasts in Rotterdam with the aim of organising focused listening sessions. We want to bring music lovers together, regardless of genre prefernces or taste, to discover new songs and experience extraordinary soundsystems in a relaxed, cosy setting. All this to give you a listening experience you’ve never had before.

We organise a variety of events, such as community listening sessions, one-sitting album spinnings, live (DJ) performances and much more. All intended to bring music lovers together, open their minds to different music and provide a unique type of musical experience. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. Or, if you have a good idea or you want to collaborate, shoot us an email.

Interested? Join one of our events directly, join our socials or meetup page, or stay updated by signing up here for our newsletter.

Latest News:

Some announcements regarding new Covid-19 measures

On the 13th of October, the Dutch government announced new, stricter measures to prevent further spreading of the Covid-19 virus. This has implications for our events, see the announcements below: The listening session on the 27th of October is NOT cancelled. However, due to new regulations, we will have to do things a little bitMeer lezen over “Some announcements regarding new Covid-19 measures”

Visual snapshot of our events:

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